lunedì 26 luglio 2010

A new quilt for my fireplace

I started a new wall quilt some months ago and since this was an UFO left alone on a chair on my sewing room...
I started it thinking that I'd need something new to hang on my fireplace sometimes happens...I start a new project with a lot of enthusiasm and then...I've lost this enthusiasm...on the road...

I started a gazillion of other projects after over my head is...full of UFO's...LOL!!!!

But this morning...I got up with a renewed enthusiasm, I took my centre medallion and...I start to sew the zig zag around the appliquè!
I worked on it for about 2 hours and I have to say that...I'm happy with the result...

Actually...I've made also some blocks, this will be a wallhanging with autumn colors theme...
In the next days, I'll go ahead working on this project and...please, follow here if you would like to see the final result...

If you would like to post a comment're very welcome...if I know that someone is following my WIP...I surely can't not finish it!!!! LOL!!!!

4 commenti:

  1. This is so pretty! I love the colors - perfect for autumn!

  2. Looks gorgeous! I'm sure you'll be able to finish it soon, looking at all the other projects you've completed (your clutches are so pretty!)

    I'd love for you to post some of your items on my new site for vintage & handmade: - there are no listing fees and no commissions on sales. Hope you can check it out!


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