domenica 25 luglio 2010

Finally!!!! New Pouches in my shop!!!

Hi to all!
Today I'm so proud to announce my new line of pouches!
They feature different colors of stitches and a coordinating zipper on a same background made of 100% cotton fabric (black&white) and 100% of linen.Those pouches are well padded and quilted so they can hold all your things keeping them safely.
Plus they have a divider pocket inside so you can keep all your things organized!

The stitches details can be made with any color of your choice so they are easly costumized!
They measures 8"x5" so a generous size but...not too big!
They can be used as a every day pouch but they are also so stylish so you can use them also for...a night party!!!

I'd love so much to hear your feedbacks about them!

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