lunedì 15 novembre 2010

My working Sunday!

Hi to all!
Few days ago my colleague asked me to make them some things that she would like to give away as Chrsitmas Gifts...
She saw my Eco Heart Collapsible Bags and asked me 3 of them...
One was the Sheeps one as you can see in my shop.
Then she told me that she has a friend that love, love, love the green color and so...I made the one you can see in the first collage.

Then, she needs another for a friend that loves sunflower and it is:
Finally...she tolds me that she needs something really cute for a young girl, a lip balm holder that is soooo girly...
So...I made this:

What do you think?
I hope that she loves them!
Thanks for reading!!!
Happy week!!!

3 commenti:

  1. Belli Dany, tutti e due i progetti!
    La shopper fragolina è comodissima, ma il porta lucidalabbra è delizioso, anche nel colore :-)

  2. What wonderful projects!!! Do you have a tutorial for the bags...I love those!

  3. Grazie Chiara!
    Thanks Country!
    I'll have a turorial soon!


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