venerdì 27 gennaio 2012

Rugs love...

Image via Inhabitots
 Hello my friends!!!
How are you today?
Here in the north of Italy it's a sunny day this morning but...clouds are near...
We are expecting snow for tomorrow and Sunday...the very first snow this winter here...
We will see...

In the meantime...I'm looking for some new project to do and...I founf this looooovely round crochet rug, made using T-shirts yarn...

As I've already told you, I fell in love for this kind of yarn, especially because you can re-use old t-shirt intead of gettin them away...

This rug is on sale but I think it's should be easy enough  to replicate it...
And...working with T-shirt yarn that is very bulky...I think it's also a quick project...the kind of project I like the most...quick, easy!!!
Have to try this!!!!
Are you working on some new project and would like to share it with me?
Please, post a comment here, I would be happy to hear from you!!!!

Happy Friday to you all!!!!

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  1. can't wait for first snow too dani :)
    and your new project ..
    Jakarta now too many winds :( and fells very cold

    hugs from here



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