lunedì 2 gennaio 2012

New Year...New Project!

Hello my friends!!!!
How are you?
Did you have a nice end a great new start of the year???
I hope you did!!!!
Every year, the firsts days are so busy planning and dreaming about what we would like to do this year...
Finish old projects, start new ones, new challenges, improve something or try something new...
Doesn't matter how many of these projects will find a nice is always nice to plan them!

So, my crafty new year starts with a new crochet project...
I chose something nice and easy and I decided to make it with my friend Nico.
She lives enough far from here should be nice to do the same project at the same time and share each others progressess...
I found this nice Granny Basket on a crochet magazine bag and I chose the yarns...
My basket will looks  a little  different to the one on the magazine as I decided to use leftovers yarns from my stash!
This is a great project for do this!!!
I've already started to crochet the 1st block and I'm having so much fun!
So...can't wait to go ahead with this project!!!
And...what about you?
Are you planning some new project or do you already started one?
I would love to hear from you!!!
Happy Crafting and Happy New Year to you all!!!!
Love, Dany

2 commenti:

  1. Buon Anno!!! riprovo con la pubblicazione dei commenti.. anche io ho iniziato la big granny!!! ho quasi finito il primo blocco!! farò un de-stash quindi.. sorpresa per come uscirà.. E so anche già come utilizzarla. baciiiiii xxx Nico

  2. Ehy,... stavolta il commento me l'ha pubblicato!!!! yuppy!! che gioia.. Nico


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