giovedì 24 novembre 2011

Sewing, sewing...sewing

Hello my friends!!!!
How are you?
Unfotunately...I feel sick...I started to feel bad last night and so today I took a day off to work...
With head ache, pain in every single bones and's not right go to work... LOL!!!
But...I can blog a the warm hug of my bed with my computer...

So, I want  to show you what I've sewn lately...
Well...first of all...I was not alone.
I've had 2 wonderful Crafty Saturday with 2 special friends: Lucy and Nico.
With Lucy we've sewn a bunch of Tilda's items.
You can see the lavender wings above, they are soooo cute and smell wonderfully!
We've had sooooo much fun sewing them!!!
Then we've sewn the snail's not completed...
Hubby is preparing for me a piece of wood and I'll add some little cushions and she will became my sewing helper!!!!

Then we made this awesome heart with wings, it's so cute and soft and i think it's perfect as Christmas decoration too!!!

Ok, now I want to show you what I've sewn with my friend Nico...
This is a wonderful Keyka Lou pattern and we really enjoyed make them (we made 2 of them, this one pictured is mine).

Not only it looks beautiful but it's also so practical!!!

It's so roomy inside and has 1 pocket that it's perfect for holds pens and it fit perfectly my iphone.

Plus you can keep your favourite book or what ever you need! I really had so much sewing these amazing things, hope you like them!!!
I wish you all  lovely day!!!!!!
Love, Dany

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  1. Troppo carine, la prosssima volta le rifacciamo... INSIEME!!!


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