martedì 1 novembre 2011

TADAAAAAA...another scarf

Hello my friends!!!
Today I would love to show you my latest crochet scarf...
Did I told you I'm a "bit" scarves addicted lately?????!!!!! :O)

Ok, said this...This is my new one.
I crocheted it with a very soft orange merino  yarn and I made the border with the same kind of yarn  but in light brown shades.
It's very soft and warm and I love to wear it around my neck or shoulders.
The pattern is from Know Sew Cute on Etsy, I love theyr pattern!!!!

Now...can't wait to start the next one...LOL!!!

I wish you all a nice day!!!!
Love, Dany

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  1. ♥ Your scarf is stunning!!!! Thanks so much for sharing:) ♥

  2. Oh my, you´re a machine! :D It would take like FOREVER for me to make one, you seem to be very quick, AND this looks very neat and beautiful, you're so skilled! Love that bright autumnal color too :) Have a lovely Wednesday!


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