domenica 8 settembre 2013

Pallets Deco...

Hello My Friends!!!
How are you today?
After so many pins on Pinterest, I decided to give it a try too.
I'm really in love for this kind of beds, plus mine is really not working for me...
I need a harder Headboard for my bed.
My bed is made of iron but it's not so strong so every time I try to lean on it for reading or embroidery or crocheting, it moves toward the wall and this is not nice...
But actually, I can 't afford to buy a new bed...
So I decided to make myself a headboard with pallets and just keep the old spring and mattress...

I found 2 wooden pallets at work and my bosses give them to me for free (YAYYYY!!!!).
Thanks Bosses!!!! :O)
They looks like this one when I got them:

Dad and me worked on them a whole day, trying to make them nice!

Daddy helped me with sandpaper, he has an electric tools for sandpaper so in this way was a bit more easy...
But we did the final touch by you believe how many dust this produces????

After the sandpaper work, the pallets look like this:

More better isn't it?
At this point, I started to paint them, I chose a white water-based paint.
I would not like to cover the whole wood color so this kind of paint is perfect.
Plus is easier to work with it, it dries so fast too!

And...let's go paint!!!

In the meantime, Mom gives us her support provinding  food and drink!
Warriors need a great lunch after all that work...LOL!!!

At the end of the day, our pallets looked like this one:

Now, I just have to wait that some friends will come to my parent's home and pick the pallets for me bringing them to my house and...fix them on the wall!
Probably (hopefully) for the end of this week, I'll have them settled and so I can take new pics for you!

Are you doing any kind of renew-remodeling-crafting-decorating to your house?

I wish you a lovely new week!!!!!
Love and lots of hugs!!!!

4 commenti:

  1. Sooo cool!!!!!! I love it!!! I can't WAIT to see the finished pictures!!
    Big Hugs,

    1. Thank you Marica!
      I can't wait to have it fixed in my room too!
      Hugs to you too!!

  2. I love pallet furniture and can't wait to see yours all set exciting! Kim

    1. Thank you Kim!!!
      Can't wait me too!!! ;O)


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