venerdì 20 settembre 2013

Last week end...

Hello my friends!!!!
how are you going?
I'm fine and another week went

Last week end I've had so much fun...
Saturday I went to the sea with my Mom...
I strongly needed a day away, sun, sea, relax and...a blue blue sky!!!
We went once again to Menton (France) and it was awesome!!!

The weather was really beautiful, sunny but not too hot, about 26 degrees...perfect!!!
As you can see in the pic...people were doing exercices near the beach...totally awesome!
Not the same to go to the gym isn't it??? LOL!!!

We didn't went to the beach...we just walked in front of the sea and through the beautiful french shops...

We started our day with a delicious "Marocchino Cofee"...

And go ahead with awesome fishes and grilled vegetables for lunch!!!
They looks awesome in this pic but...believe me...they tasted better!!!!

Ha, ha...Mommy and me...
I love these kind of days...just girls...LOL!!!!
Dad stayed at home but...he paid for our lunch...thank you Daddy!!!! LOL!!!!

Then, Sunday...I've had another fun day...totally different but...I loved it so much too!!!!

My friend Luciana come here and we decided to sew something cute...
We chose a really pretty project we found on Pinterest...through the gazillions of pins we have...LOL!!!
And we started to sew...

The project is a really cute table topper but...I'll let you know more about it in another post...
We chose different colors for the same project and this is really fun because you can see how different they look!!!
Now mine is ready to be quilted and I'm planning to work on it soon!
Can't wait to see it finished and displaied on my table!!!

She made some delicious "heart muffins" for our sweet break...

With all that work and chatting...we needed something sweet...LOL!!!
So...that was my past week end...we will see whom the one that is starting tomorrow will bring me...
What are you planning for the week end???
I wish you all a great Saturday and Sunday!!!!!!
Love and lots of hugs!!!!

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