lunedì 2 settembre 2013

Sweetness needed...Camille are the solution! :O)

Hello my Friends!!!
How are you today?
I got up this morning with...a big need of sweetness...
So I decided to treat myself baking something of delicious and...I decided to cook "Camille".
Do you know them?
They are a sort of Muffin made of carrots.
They taste so delicate and so wonderful, exactly what I needeed this morning...LOL.

Just in case you would like to try them, here there is the recipe:
200 gr of carrots
200 gr of granulated sugar
2 eggs
100 gr of seed oil
100 gr of milk
300 gr of all purpose flour
16 gr of baking powder
50 gr of almonds
a pinch of salt

Put in the blender sugar and almond and minch them together.
Then add carrots and minch again.
Add eggs, oil, milk,flour and salt and mix well all together until you reach a creme.
Finally add baking powder and mix again.
Take your paper cups and put  a tablespoon of dough in each one.
Bake them in a preheat oven at about 160 degrees for about 15/20 minutes.
That's all!
Enjoy your Camille!

Now...speaking of sweetness...take a look here below:

Aren't them soooo pretty and sweet????
I think they are!!!
Love, Dany.

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  1. These look delicious!! I will have to see if I can convert it to my measuring system so I can try them : ) Thanks for the recipe !


    1. Hi Marica!
      you're very welcome!
      I think you can convert them easily using web converter but feel free to ask if you have doubts!
      Hugs, Dany.


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