venerdì 23 settembre 2011

4 Seasons Swap: Fall

Hi my friends!!!
how are you today?
I can say I'm fine cause it's Friday evening here and...the week end is officially started!!!!! YAY!!!!

Well, today I would like to show you what I made for my 4 seasons swap - Autumn -
The members of this swap are my dear friends Nico, Chiara and Simo and this was the last round of our swap! :O(

So...I decided to make some autumn/halloween inspired Quilted Mug Rug!

I've never made mug rugs before but I have to say that I will be so hard to stop!!!!
They are so much fun to make and...really so usefull!!!
So, here there are 3 mug rugs I made:

I've also added some tea bags, wrapped them nicely and sent them to my friends!
If you like mug rugs, you can also find them in  my Etsy Shop!
And...others will be added soon!!!
I think they make really cute little presents that are so appreciated from anyone!
Do you like and do you use mug rug?
What kind of them you prefere?

So, what are you doing this week end?
Here around there are lots of country fairs so I think I will go visit some...they are always so nice, especially in autumn with pumpkins and other autumn products!!!
Have a nice week end!!!

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  1. Io sono una delle fortunate che possono godersi la tua Mug rug :-)
    Ancora grazie Dany, è splendida!


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