mercoledì 7 settembre 2011

Shopping Day

Hello my friends!!!!!
how are you today?
I'm fine and...we are already in the middle of the week so...week end is not too far...LOL!!!

Well, I would like to show you what I bought on Monday...
Monday we had our annual fair here in town with lots and lots of stands selling anything...from food to clothes...
I found a wonderful stand that sold painting, pictures, vintage objects and decorations and so...I can't resist!!!!
I bought the wonderful painting (pic) you can see in the picture. It's already hanged on the wall, just over the fireplace...
I was (I AM!!!) a big big fan of "Happy Days" and when I saw it...believe me...I really could not leave it there...LOL!!!!
Isn't it fabulous???? :O)

Ok, then I found this super cute piece and I decided that it will stay in my sewing room, probably filled with buttons...
Then, I found this pretty clock, too cute for leave it there too...LOL!!!!
This will take place in my sewing room too!!!
Another "happy found" was this wooden sign saying "cucina" that means "kitchen" in italian.
It's adorable and I'm making some hearts to hang on it!
And's our tradition (Mommy and me) to buy something that you can only find on fairs and so...every year, we come home with something unusual, strange, maybe odd...and...sometimes...absolutely not functional...LOL!!!!
So, this year, I bought a pair of scissors with 5 blades...they are useful for cut anything in the kitchen: herbs, salade, tomatoes...or at least...this is what the man who was selling them said...LOL!!!!!
Anyway, it was a fun morning (oh yes...I bought all these things in few hours because in the afternoon...I went to work...LOL)!!!
So, can't wait for next fair...who can know what I'll bring at home...LOL!!!!
So...what about you?
Do you like fairs?
And...what usually do you buy on fairs?
Love, Dany

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  1. I love shopping at fairs! You got some great finds here :) I LOVE that sewing basket!!

  2. Wow, what great finds! I really like that storage basket.


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