lunedì 12 settembre 2011

Fresh Pics from a Fall Garden

Hi and Happy Monday to you all!!!
Today I would like to show you some fresh pics from the garden...
So, you can see grapes...
Hot Chily Pepper




And ok...I don't exactly know what this is but...I love the foliage...LOL... this surely know that...this is not my garden Dad's one...
Hope you enjoy the visit, my Dad is soooo good in gardening and he's so proud of his garden!!!!
You rock Dad!!!!
p.s. we always have fresh veggies to eat in this way and this is great!
Love, Dany

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  1. hi-
    thanks for stopping by :)
    your garden veggies look delicious! we have tomatoes and peppers too...
    what part of italy do you live? we have family in the north ~we've visited many times :)

  2. What a beautiful veggie garden!


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