domenica 11 settembre 2011

Ok, it's officially: I HATE MOSQUITOES!!!!

Good Morning my friends!
It's Sunday, it's a beautiful day outside but...I'm not in the right mood this morning...
I tought time for mosquitoes bites was ended but...I was wrong...
I got up this morning with 5 new bites... :O(

It seems that lately...I'm theyr favourite food and...I really don't know why...
In the past, I've never had big problems with mosquitoes but this's just crazy!!!!
I tried with sprays in the air, I tried with geranium plants, I tried with basil (ok...someone told me that they don't like basil so if you have a bit of it always near you you should be safe...), I tried with AUTAN but...never seems to work with them...

I'm not able to stop them...
Do you know some old remedy?
I'm just exausted to be a "mosquitoes pic nic"...LOL!!!

Happy Sunday!
Love, Dany

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  1. I haven't tried this, but I heard that if you put a pair or two of dirty socks in an open container, it attracts them away from you! Try and see maybe? Good luck!


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