mercoledì 14 settembre 2011

Got new manicure!

how are you today? was a day like many others: houseworks, cooking, laundry and then office...
Nothing of special so but...I got a bit of time for myself and...I've got a new manicure!
I love it so much, it is so bright and shine and I find it so delicate... added a nice touch to a "very normal" day...
What do you do  lately just for yourself?
Love, Dany

3 commenti:

  1. So cute! Your nails are so long and elegant, beautiful! I've got the idea that kind of manicure is in fashion right now :) I've thought about doing nails like those myself but haven't done it yet. Little nice things like that truly add some glamour to a basic normal weekday :)

  2. very cool! as you have seen on my blog- i have some colorful nails too ;)
    have a super day :)

  3. Tooooo cute! I love the sparkle :)


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