domenica 11 luglio 2010

The fabulous world of Tilda

Hi to all!
Probably lots of you already knows Tilda's creations, they are beautiful, so sweet and they make perfect gifts for you, your home, friends, family!
When you start make can't stop!!!
So, I started making somw nice Geese, I put them on my table and they looks great!

Then...I made an angel for my bathroom: it requires lots of work but...I'm so happy with the result! My Mom and sister now...would love to have one too...

Then I tried to make this Jewerly Mannequin and...I have to say that I love it too...
I bought 2 Tilda's books lately and every time I opne them...I start to dream about filling my whole house with those wonderful projects... my wish list...there are other Tilda's books...

4 commenti:

  1. Great job with these projects!

  2. I actually have never heard of Tilda - I'll have to check her out.

  3. Oh yes Maureen...there is really a fabulous world around here!!!!


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