sabato 3 dicembre 2011

A White Christmas

Hello my friends!
How are you today?
I'm still busy sewing and crafting my Christmas presents and tree ornaments!!!
This year I decided to go with a White Christmas for my tree, this means that I'm making white or ivory ornaments and then I'll add some red balls...
So...ok...white and red Tree...LOL!!!!
I put my crochet ornaments in a jar while I was making them and I found it was a nice idea...
The jar looks pretty on my sewing room...

Today I finished to crochet them, I crochet 25 little garland, they are just tooooo pretty, easy and fun to crochet!
I found the pattern on THIS BLOG. many threads to weave in end and cut...LOL...

But...I've already did was a very busy day...LOL!!!!

Now I need to add some colors with ribbons to my garlands and found a way to hang them on my tree...
Also my machine embroidered laces are done but they still need to be put in the water but...this will be another post...LOL!!!! full enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, this is my new manicure for the holidays... :O)

Happy week end to you all and...I'd love to hear from you about yours Christmas preparations!!!!

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  1. They came out beautifully!! I love them: ) I bet your tree is going to be beautiful!!!


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