venerdì 9 dicembre 2011

A Peek at my Christmas Tree

Hello my friends!!!!
How are you today?
Yesterday was the 8th of December and so the day that every year we "dress" our Christmas Tree...
This is just a peek, I have other pics to show you with the other ornaments in my house but today I'm in a hurry... :O(
I'll write a better post in the week end but...I would love to show you it now!!! :O)
Have a wonderful day!!!!
Love, Dany

4 commenti:

  1. hello dany! your tree looks wonderful, can't wait to see all your x-mas deco. i was so busy, i still haven't got one decoration out, but we are going to get the tree this sunday, yééé! tomorrow, hubby will help me put the lights outside, i love it when it is all glittery and colorful ! your package will leave today or tomorrow my dear friend ♥

  2. It's beautiful!!! I love the red and white :)

  3. Buona giornata, Dany. Have a lovely time gearing up for Christmas xxx

  4. wooahh that's so cute :) i made Christmas Ornaments Matryoskha Series for this Year
    Happy Early Merry December all


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