mercoledì 18 maggio 2011


I simply...NEED A DOG!!!!!!
I was browsing into some web images of dogs and...I found the cutest one!!!!
Aren't these puppies soooo adorables????
I looooooove dogs, my favourite is the Golden beautiful, so clever, so sweet!!!!
It's been years that...I would love to have a dog
We have a back yard, not too much big but...big enough for a dog for sure...hubby is afraid for his flowers...
Please, help me, in what way Can I persuade hubby to give me a dog????
I think a dog in  our lives...surely makes them great!!!!!
Have a lovely day!!!

3 commenti:

  1. Ohmygosh! how cute are those little puppies :)
    That's my sister's favorite type of dog too!

  2. Ah super cute! ;)

  3. So cute! Maybe you could just give him time to think about it. Dogs are the best pals <3 We have a doberman, but I also love Golden Retrievers :) I wish you have a great week!


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