domenica 8 maggio 2011

For you Mom...

Hi and Happy Sunday to all!
In about few minutes...we are going to celebrate Mother's Day with Mom, Dad, sister and brother in law.
Daddy is doing a BBQ (I love BBQ and Daddy is soooo awesome in doing it!!!)

I pick some beautiful flowers from the garden for Mom and then...
I made her an Angel... I know she loves so much the one I made for myself and so my gift for her in this so special a Bathroom Angel. I'm sure she will be so surprise to get it!!! ;O)
And...last but not Mom's favourite cake is my Cheese cake so...I baked one today...Mom...this one is for you!!!!

I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day Mom, you deserve it!!!
I love you Mom!!!!!
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful "Moms" in the world!!!!

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  1. I love that angel, so cute! And beautiful flowers AND a cake, I bet you made your mom feel she's really something special <3 I wish you the most lovely Mother's day!

  2. Such a lovely post! Have a sweet rest of the evening and a great new week, my friend xxxx


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