domenica 17 aprile 2011

An Easter Basket is growing in my hands

 Happy Sunday to you all my friends!!!
How is your day going?
Mine was...full of usual and in about half an hour...we will have  my parents for dinner here...
We love to make it and...of eat it!!!!
Ok...Pizza is in my toughts right now but...I would like to show you my latest creation: a crochet Easter basket, my very first one but surely...not the last one for sure!!! LOL!!!
I loved the way it growed up in my hands...starting from a small center, then it became bigger...and bigger...then the basket started to take his form...

It's amazing how starting with a ball of  yarn and a crochet hook...
you can create something totally new...

I made for my basket a nice white border and then filled it with chocolate eggs...this will be a special gift for a special friend that will come to visit us for Easter...
Hopefully...she's not reading this post...LOL!!!
I've had so much fun making it, hope she'll like it!!!
Hugs, Dany

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