domenica 10 aprile 2011

Spring Flowers in my Garden

 Hi and Happy Sunday to all!!!
Here today it's incredibly hot and sunny and it's a pleasure to spend my time in the garden!
So, I took some pics of the flowers...

They are really so colorful and bright, it's awesome thinking that less then 2 weeks ago the weather here was still so cold... 

We really hope that this weather will not change so much in the next few's only the 9th of April today's really too early for this hot...
It should be hard to come back to rain and cold...
We will see...

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  1. These lovely flowers make me smile!
    Have a SUNny SUNday my friend xxxx

  2. oh, love your colorful flowers. here in Quebec, Canada we had a wonderful warm week end for once. last week it was so cold, in fact, march was the coldest month of our long winter. perenials are barely pointing out there little nose. it is going to take a little while before i can really start gardening. we are going to visit the midi-pyrénées in september, but almost changed our mind yesterday as we were looking for houses to rent in Toscana, my dream place. hope i can visit italy one day.
    have a beautiful week ! xxx
    ciao bella ! ^_^

  3. Enjoy your sunshine if you still have it. All we get is rain... thank you for stopping by my blog!


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