venerdì 8 aprile 2011

Cleaning Day

Today I took a day off to work and...instead to go to the beach or...well...maybe have a long and nice walk or a day of fun shopping...I did something more and more exciting...I CLEAN my house all day long!!!

Wow...!!! Can you think to something better than take a day off to work and spend it cleaning the house, wash clothes, iron...??? I surely can't!!!! Ok...I'm sure you are thinking that I'm crazy...LOL!!! I have to say that I don't like housework...I don't hate them but...I can't find anything fun in them... So...when I saw the picture above...I tought...PERFECT FOR ME...!!!

 Anyway...the day is almost ended and now the house is perfectly cleaned, organized and refreshed and I'm so proud of myself... I still have the whole week end now for do the things I love day off to work was not totally wasted... :O)

 Have a frun Friday!!!!!

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  1. LOL! I'm glad you were able to get so much done before the weekend. Enjoy.

  2. Good for you, it feels wonderful to have a clean house!!!


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