venerdì 15 aprile 2011

New Magnetic Memory Board

 Hi and Happy Friday to all!!!
Finally my new Magnetic Memory Board has been finished...YAY!!!!
I needed some cute and happy magnets to "stick" on  it and so...I made those "Flowers and Leaves" clothespins magnets and love the way they looks on the board.

 For the board, we bouhgt a sheet of iron and then my hubby painted it with a dark grey (almost black) paint. Then I glued a white ric rac all around and put 4 pieces of round felt on the back so the wall is safe...
Then I put a nice cord through the 2 holes on top of the sheet and hang it on the wall.
I bought some wool clothespins, hubby painted them with white paint, I made crochet flowers and crochet leaves and glue them on the pins.  I glued some magnets on the back of the pins and...voilà...this is the result!
I have to say that I love so much my new memory board, I think we did a nice job!
What do you think?
Happy Friday!!!!
HUGS, Dany

4 commenti:

  1. Dany che belle le tue molltettine all'unconetto, stai davvero diventando uan MAGA!
    Ma sbaglio o ho riconosciuto un cuoricino sulla tua lavagnetta? :-)

  2. Cielo, cos'ho scritto!!!
    Mollettine e uncinetto, sto diventando davvero dislessica! :-(

  3. no no non sbagli, è proprio il tuo cuoricino sta d'incanto sulla mia lavagnetta!!! :o)

  4. Your memory board is a beauty, so so handy too. I love mine, use it almost every day.
    Have a sweet sweet Sunday xxxx


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