lunedì 24 ottobre 2011

Scarf Addicted

Hello and happy Monday to all!
What about your week end?
Did you have a nice one?
I did, a relaxing and crafty week favourite one...LOL!!!
Ok...I discovered that I'm scarf addicted lately, I love any kind of scarf especially if I can make it...LOL!!!
So, I'm crocheting scarves but...I also like make something with fabrics...I'm a quilter... :O)

I made myself this beautiful and so warm infinity scarf!
It's made of fleece and cotton fabric.
You can wear it around your neck and it's a super soft and warm neck warmer...
Due to it's generous size, you can wear it like a wrap...
And...ok...I can't show you in the picture because my "mannequin" is headless...LOL... can also wear it around your neck and over your head...

I absolutely love the way it turned out and surely I'll make more!
I think they could be a great Xmas present!!!!

What about you? what did you do this past week end?
Happy Week!!!!

4 commenti:

  1. Caro Babbo Natale,
    nel blog della mia amica Dany ho visto una sciarpona bellissima...
    Mi piace tutto, il colore, la forma, l'idea che sia così lunga e avvolgente.
    Che dici, se faccio la brava ce la fai a portarmela per Natale?
    tua Chiara

  2. Love this new kind of scarf:) so practical to wear and soo warm too! You're very talented! wish I knew how to sew...

  3. vedremo sarai buona buona... :O)
    babbo Natale

  4. Oh it´s lovely! You´re so skilled, that´s fabulous :) These would for sure make very lovely Christmas presents <3


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