mercoledì 26 ottobre 2011

A new Cell Phone case for Mom

Hello and Happy Wednesday!!!!
How are you today?
we've had lot of rain yesterday and the temperatures fell saw the 1st snow on some cars...
It snowed at about 35 km from here...
Today it seems a little bit better...we will see...

Well...I would like to show you the new cell phone case I made for Mom!
She lost the old one I made for her and she needed a new one it is...
I think it so cute and pretty and...totally "girly" Mom is a "Forever Girl" and so it's perfect for her...
I hope that she will keep this one for a while...LOL!!!!!
What are you doing lately?
Some little projects on the go? Already some Xmas presents?
I would love to know what you are doing... :O)
I wish you all a so lovely day!!!!

6 commenti:

  1. Oh my, this is so CUTE! I bet your mama is happy <3

  2. Oh, it would be so sad if she lost such an adorable phone case. I heard in the news Italy had severe floods, i do hopw it was not in your area! take good care, happy to see you again !

  3. its a very girly case, so suit for your mom, mommies loves somethink simple and cute...

    should be the lost ones was so cute also,, hope your mama wont lose it again...

    Bali's Sandal


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