sabato 1 ottobre 2011

For the Love of...CROCHET

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 Hello and happy Saturday to all my friends!!!!
How are you today?
This morning is a busy morning...pressing, cleaning, laundry...mmm...a busy and boring morning...LOL!!!
So, I gave myself a break: a hot cup of coffee and...some fun browsing...

Lately I discovered my passion for's fun, it's beautiful, you can do it anywhere's sooooo addicting...LOL!!!!

I just LOVE all the wonderful and colorful yarns and the incredibly eye catching projects you can do with a hook and some scraps of yarn...

I found a cute selection of wonderful crochet projects  on the web and hope you like them...

I just would love to have the time for try them all!!!!! the meantime...iron is calling me...LOL!!!
Have a great Saturday and week end!!!!!
Love, Dany

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  1. So much fun!! I've been wanting to crochet lately too, but I have to finish a bit of knitting first : )

  2. I'm knocking...prepare the tea :):) hehe
    Kisses to you! Hope tomorrow will be better!
    There is always a rainbow after the rain ;)

  3. what a great collection!
    happy weekend :)

  4. That is one COLORFUL Mosiac. I had to enlarge it, making me very happy!
    Buon week-end xxxx


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