domenica 24 gennaio 2016

Mission Baby Quilt...DONE

Hello my Friends!!!
How are you going?
I've just finished my first quilt of the year...
It's good as we are only in January LOL!!!
My first quilt was a baby quilt I made for a friend of mine that got a new girl the last days of December...
Yesterday I visited her and gave her the quilt...she loves it!
It is a very easy pattern, quick and easy but the quilt is adorable with the pastels colors...

I made it in's made of three rows...

I start piecing the rows...

Then when the rows were pieced I quilted them with the As You Go this way is more easy...

When all the rows were quilted, I sewed the back and then I've add the border and...TADA!!!!
Here it is...

Now I'm ready to start another project...
I'll keep you posted about it!
What are you working on?
I would love to hear about your WIPS...
Have a nice Sunday!!!!

4 commenti:

  1. I love your Baby Quilt Would you mind telling me how long you cut your strips.I would love too give it a try.

  2. Hi Mary Ellen ! Sure ! I cut them 3 inches wide for 12 inches long.
    But you can resize the quilt as you like... Smaller or bigger...
    Have fun making it!!

  3. Thank-you for the information. I will be giving this a go.

    1. Hi!
      If you would like to follow the original tutorial here it is I found it on the web:


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