domenica 12 giugno 2011

My Lacey Shawl Finally Done and...a new bag!

Hi and Happy Sunday to all!!!
Finally...I can show you my shawl!!!
It has been finished about 3 weeks ago the weather is always so rainy was so hard "combine" a sunny day plus hubby at home to make pics...LOL!!!
Anyway...yesterday afternoon...we got a bit of is me wearing my new shawl!!!

I have to say that I'm soooo happy about  the result, this is my very first lacey shawl, it required lots and lots of FUN hours to crochet it but...I'm happy I spent my time in this way!

It's so versatile so you can wear it on a tank top and jeans but also on a elegant dress for a special occasion!
In effect, I'll have a wedding on the end of July and this would be so perfect on the grey and black dress I bought...
And this is the new bag I made for myself too...
I made one similar past summer and I used it all the time.
I love this shape, the bamboo handles, it's so roomy and the fabric I chose is so nice.
It's similar to linen, with stamps in purple and lime green, so summery!!!
Hope you like my creations!
Have a nice day!!!

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  1. It came out amazingly!!! It is so perfect!!! . . . are there any secret mistakes that I can't see via blog photos? And the bag is really neat too : ) Beautiful work!

  2. Hello Marica! no, there aren't secret mistakes...LOL!!! least...I didn't notice them...LOL!!! thanks for your kind words!!

  3. They both are very girly and beautiful, Dany!

    Have a happy Sunday xxx

  4. It looks wonderful! Must have been lots and lots of work but definitely worth every hour! I wish I was as skilled in crocheting, I can only make amigurumis ^.^ You look very beautiful in it <3

  5. That shawl is so pretty!! I wish I had your mad skillz :)


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