domenica 20 gennaio 2013

Crochet blanket

 Hi there!!!!
How are you today?
We got snow past night, lot of now all around is white and cold...

The perfect weather for crafting...
I'm going ahead with my crochet blanket but...not sure I should...
I love the pattern, so easy and so nice but...I think it's a bit too "chunky"

And I think it requires so much yarn and I only have 3 big balls...
So, I'm not sure I'll like it...
I think I could make a striped granny square blanket using less yarn...
What do you think?
Any suggestion?

Here there are some pics of the snow outside...BRRRR...

What are you doing today?
I wish you all a great Sunday!!!!
Love, Dany.

5 commenti:

  1. Wow Dany bello il tuo lavoro ad uncinetto. Brava! Qui non ha nevicato tanto ed oggi ha piovuto tutto il giorno, meglio! ;-)

  2. I love how it looks!! I don't know if you would save so much yarn that it might be worth it, but if you think you had enough to keep going once it was done like this it would be sooo warm and cozy! And January snow, how nice!

    1. Hi Marica!
      I've start a new ball with a different pattern so I can choose whic one I will like most...
      we will see... :O)


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