martedì 19 luglio 2011

My Holidays on the French Riviera part 2: Old town, Menton by Night and...FOOD!!!!

Hello My friends!!!
How are you today?
here there are other pictures of my holidays...
You can see a mosaic of pictures of the old town.
Beautiful little alleys  inside the town are accessibles by old stairs...
Each house is so caracteristic with old trees, flowers, colorful windows...
And...the town by so beautiful with his lights, music, open markets on the roads and  lots of people...
It's so nice to walk in the night, the air is fresh and you can feel the smell of the, fishes, french fries, pasta, crepes...and you can't wait to stop in a cute restaurant and...try them all!!!!
Hope you enjoyed my tour in this beautiful town!!!!!
Where are you going for the holidays?

3 commenti:

  1. That looks lovely!

    We are going to Greece! Athens! Cannot wait!

  2. danyyyyyy... ti incrocio sempre sulla mia strada!! che bello!! a mentone i miei hanno un ora sono nelle marche e poi puglia in varie tappe!! e poi ho visto le tue creazioni tilda...ti farò vedere gli ultimi angeli della buonanotte che ho creato!! incredibile questa attrazione virtuale...un abbraccio Erica (chipifra!)

  3. ciao Erica! buone vacanze allora e non vedo l'ora di vedere i tuoi angeli della buonanotte!!!!!

    Patchworkdelights, Greece is wonderful, have a great vacation there!!!!


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