mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013

Patchwork Placemat

 Hello My Friends!!!!
How are you today?
I'm feeling better after the flu finally!!! YAY!!!
I'm still a bit tired and I still have a bit of cold but...definitely...I feel better!

I'd like to show you my new colorful placemat...
 I's not an awesome or incredible project...I did much better in the past but...this is the 1st one of my new life...

I found so hard to find the "love of sewing" again...I think I'm a bit depressed and this is not nice...
So...I really loved to sew this easy and small project for get instant gratification ! LOL!!!
It has a patchwork centre realized with scraps of fabrics...
Then I sewed laces on 2 of the edges and added borders all around...

Quilted it  all and...hand sewed the binding ( this is my favourite part...I found hand sewing the binding sooooo relaxing!!!!)'s done!!!

It looks great on my new table and make me happy!!! next project will be a table topper...
I bought this new white square table, I love it so much!
But...I'd like to have a fun and happy table topper on it...maybe something that change every season...

Ok...that's all for today...
What are you working on?
I'd love to hear from you!
In the meantime...I wish a lovely day to you all!!!!
Hugs, Dany.

6 commenti:

  1. looks nice!great job on the binding too :)

    wishing you more inspiration !!

    1. Thank you Andrea!!!
      I think I'll make some more!

    2. So pretty and it looks perfect on your table!!!

    3. Thank you Tara and Kim!!!

  2. It's a perfect project!!! I love simple fast projects, I think because I tend to be impatient to get things done… Can't wait to see you sewing more!!! Glad to hear you feeling better and I hope you are filled with good energy soon!
    Big Hugs to you in this hard time : )

  3. Hi Marica!
    yes, this is exactly why I like them too!!!
    Thank you!!!!


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