lunedì 12 novembre 2012

Packing my life...

Hello my Friends!!!!
How are you all?
Much time has passed since my last post and...lots of things are happened to my life...
It was not a nice period and so...I didn't blogged at all...but I continued to follow your blogs and commented here and there from time to time...'s time to blog again and so...I'm here telling you what happened...
Hubby and I, after 15 years of marriage, decided to get separated...
So, this is last week that I'm spending in my beautiful and so loved house...
In fact, next Saturday, I'll move in my new flat...
I'm packing all my things and...all my life and...believe me...this is so sad...

I didn't know that in 15 years of life together we collected so much things it's hard to divide's hard and know...

But, the situation between us was not good so I think this is the right decision and at this point, this is better for us both...

Since we took the decision...nothing was real...but now that I'm things are changed and...all is so real...

I have to start a new life alone and this really scary me so much...I've never lived alone before...passed from my parent's house to our wedding house so...all will be new for me...

I'm still young...(well...41 years least I'm not too old...LOL) and I can learn new things, meet new people, change my abitudes...we will see...

In this moment I'm so happy to have my family around and my friends!
My "real" friends and my "on line" friends mean so much for me!!!!
This last week here I think will be the hardest one...every thing I do I think...ok...this is the last time I'm doing it...every day I think...ok...this is last Monday I stay here...last Tuesday...
I'm lookig at every room remebering what I did there, what I tought there...all the things I bought, create...
Hopefully soon...will be better...but for's sad...

Hope I didn't bored you with this post but...I'd like to share with you what is happening in my life...not only fun and happy things...but...real life!

I wish you all a nice day and..."see" you soon here!!!!
Love, Dany.

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  1. Dany....ti pensavo in questi giorni e sapevo che il tuo silenzio era dovuto al fatto che ti stavi preparando al ti capisco...lo sai...l'ho passato prima di te...dopo sei anni la mia vita mi sta ancora "stretta" ti voglio ricordare una cosa, sappi che se in qualsiasi momento del giorno e della notte ti sentirai sola, non farti problemi e mio cellulare è acceso giorno e notte...ti sembrerà assurdo ma a me capitava di avere bisogno di sentire una voce amica anche nel cuore della notte per sentirmi meglio e vorrei che se capitasse anche a te....bhè! non farti problemi: chiama!

    1. Grazie Simo!!!!!!!
      è bello sapere che ci sei, un grazie di cuore!!!
      TVTTTTB anche io!!!

  2. Ci ritroviamo tutte qui???
    Il potere delle crazy, ancora una volta...
    Nella giaia e nel dolore, ci siamo!!!
    Dany... sono qui!!!!

    1. Grazie Chiara!!!!
      il potere delle Crazy è grande!!!!
      un abbraccio e...TVTTTTB anche io!!!!

  3. Hello Dany,
    I was wondering where you had gotten to when it had been so long between posts and I am sorry to read of the separation of you and your husband. Yes, this is a difficult time for you, especially when you have to move out of your home and start again.
    But, starting again can be a positive experience. You can eat when you like, sleep when you like, sew in the morning, sew at midnight, be as quiet as you like or make as much noise as you want and travel to lots of places you have always wanted to see. If you get as far as Australia you can always visit me in Sydney.
    with my very best wishes, your Aussie quilting friend, Susan A.
    (previously on IFQ with you)

  4. Hello Susan!!!!
    thank you so much for your kind words!!!!
    yes this is true...I can decide what I'd like to do it when I'd like...
    But...surely will not be easy...
    Thanks for your invite!!!
    I'd love to visit you!!!
    Hugs, Dany

  5. Oh Dany, wow, this is a lot!!! I hope you are holding up well and that everything moves into your new life well!!! Lots of big hugs and good thoughts… I truly respect what you are going through and wish you so much luck!!!

    1. Thank you so much Marica!!!!
      I’m in my new house now and soon I’ll update my blog with all the news coming!
      Thanks again!!!


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